How To Put On A wig

When you receive a new wig, it has been pre-styled, how to put on a wig on cap with long hair. With a little shaking and looseness, how to wear a wig makes the wigs look good in just a few minutes.

My wigs go inside and out! Why is that?

Since there are many types of styles, the packaging method for retaining each style is different. This is done to preserve the open and airy appearance of the style. Such as stuffing, folding, inverting, and inverting. Each method is designed to preserve the style of wigs properly.

Now that you understand why wigs are packed in different ways let’s take a look at how to wear a wig after removing the wigs from the box cap with medium hair. First, put your hand inside the wigs and shake to loosen the fiber. If your wig is small curly, use your fingers or comb. If the wig is straight, you can use a wig brush to brush the wigs gently. Never use regular brushes on wigs! how to put on a wig, it is important to use only styling tools specifically designed for wigs. Otherwise, the wigs may be damaged. When using a finger, comb, or wigs brush to make the wig fluffy, you will find that the wigs look fuller and present the style you ordered.

Prepare natural hair

Before putting on a wig, you must first prepare your hair under. If you have small or absent hair, you will need to wear a wig cap with short hair to make sure it is solid. If you have short hair, just remove it from your face. For longer hair, fix the straight curls by curling them in various parts of the hair. Distribute them evenly on your head to avoid bumps and bumps.

However, the wigs lining is still recommended for those with hair and can be used to fix all lengths of hair.

How to put on a wig

Now it’s time to put on a wig. Please on correctly follow these simple steps to put on your wig for beginners:

step 1

Hold the wigs cap with thick hair with both hands and press it firmly against the nape of the neck. Tilt your head slightly forward. You will wear a wig the way you move back.

Step 2

The front part of the wigs capless over your eyebrows, and then put on the wig like a shower cap. Move the wigs back and forth to put it correctly on your head.

third step

Push the front part of the wigs back until it is slightly below the natural hairline. Center the wigs on both sides in front of the ears. Do not cover the ears to center the wigs. When the wigs feel comfortable, curl up any stray hair.

How to put on a wig lace front

If you purchased a lace front wigs, how to wear a wig. The lace front wig cap is designed for facial hairstyles and usually reveals the front hairline. When you wear a wig on your head, you must be very careful to avoid damaging the delicate ultra-thin monofilament fabric in front of the wigs cap. Avoid bending or bending the front hairline. When the hood completely covers the head, avoid stretching delicate lace monofilaments on the front hairline when finishing the hood.

After placing the wigs, you can style it as needed. Remember to use only wigs styling tools and products made specifically for wigs, including hairspray and mousse. Products made with natural hair instead of wigs may damage your newly purchased products.

Particular case:

1.Popular wig

2.Ladies favorite

3.Wild wig

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