How To Wash a wig!

Find tips, how to wash a wig lockshop at home is like a professional and make sure you: to wash a wig fake hair looks more beautiful and longer

2. Avoid tightening or damaging the cover

3. You mean confusion and disappearance

4. Relieve vomiting and ripples

5. Restore shine

How to hand wash a wig nd condition a long what you need

Folding pearl

Wide comb for teeth

Synthetic or human shampoo

Synthetic or human conditioners



Step 1: Organization

Before washing your face, don’t forget to comb your hair carefully with a wide-toothed comb. Start at both ends and try to reduce excretion.

Step 2: Rinse

Rinse with warm water from the root at both ends. Do not soak or wipe as this may confuse.

Tip: If your cheap wig is wavy, try to keep your hair clean.

Step 3: Shampoo

Wrap the shampoo in your hand and comb your hair. Apply a small amount of shampoo evenly to the hair.

Tip: Use a circular motion to clean the lid.

Step 3: Conditioning synthetic hair

Spray the balm from the middle shaft to the end. Tip: Avoid rooting or knotting.

Step 4: Hair Conditioning

Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Do not use conditioner on the roots. By applying conditioner to the heart, the product can remove knots from the bottle cap and cause fiber loss.

Tip: If it is dry or damaged, use a deep conditioner.

Step 5: Rinse how to wash a wig deat defiant

Let the warm water flow in the same direction as the hair to prevent tangling. Tighten and squeeze your hair, do not twist.

Tip: Towels can absorb excess water.

Step 6: Synthetic hair shaft

Air dry on a collapsible wig holder. Tip: how to wash a wig Diana pigtail, before the wig is dry, gently separate the hair with a comb.

Step 7: Dry your hair

Dry about 80%, then spread evenly with a round brush.

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