Glam And Gore Wigs Restock Short Wig By Characters

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  • Description
    • Costume For Glam And Gore Wigs Metal
    • Fiber: Synthetic Hair

    Silk-free front hat – you can split in all directions as bellami restock glam and gore wigs for sale allow hair to grow naturally.
    The almost invisible front gives you a natural hairstyle and a stunning facial shape.
    wigs human hair can be resized and used for different types of heads.
    Looks natural around the entire perimeter.
    Soft, durable, lossless, herd-free, lice-free. And odorless.
    Modern short wigs are natural, authentic, beautiful.

    Shampoo your hair regularly and take good care of your hair.
    Gently let your hair down before washing your hands. Do not rub your hair
    Add a neutral shampoo, rinse with cold water, and clean your hair.
    Hair dries naturally. Do not expose to the sun and blow-dry. After washing, rinse the argan oil on soft fur.
    Use your fingers to comb your fingers from top to bottom gently. Don’t brush yourself.
    Level the right end with water. Work hard to take root.

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