Dena | Layered Straight Brunette Blonde Rooted Short Red Monofilament Wigs –


  • Description
    Product Type:Wig
    Product Weight:2.36oz
    Cap Size:Average
    Cap Construction:Monofilament Top
    Hair Type:EnvyHair
    Approximate Length:Front 4.5″ | Crown 5.25″ | Sides 3.75″ | Nape 3.75″
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    Blonde Wig, Red Wig, White Wig

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Envy’s Dena Wigs are made from our proprietary Envyhair (human hair / synthetic fiber blend). Dena’s back cushion style is ready to use right out of the box or use your favorite popular tools for styling. The blocky, jaw-shaped layer shows the contours of the face perfectly, while the light bangs accentuate the eyes. Hand-tightened Mono Top construction at the sides and back allows you to split the lace front wigs left, right, or center down.

About Envyhair:

Heat setting, curling, straightening, brushing and combing to create your own finished style. The beauty of Envyhair ™ lies in its look, feel behavior and style – just like 100% human hair. This unique blend, exclusively provided by Envy, consists of 70% heat-resistant synthetic hair and 30% human hair, far surpasses other heat-friendly styles with built-in moisture resistance and can withstand up to 180 ° C or 356 °. Temperature F Each silk thread of this human hair wigs blend is hand-tied with the softest and lightest headrest material to keep even the most delicate scalp cool and comfortable. Envyhair’s price is about 1/3 of the price of expensive 100% human hair products, so it definitely feels nice.