Divatress Wigs Gabby Synthetic Wig By Sepia

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  • Description
    • Sepia Wigs
    • Fiber: Heat-Resistant Synthetic Hair
    • Cap Size: Average
    • Skin Top
    This amazing piece is so cute! Loads of luscious curls and layers, coupled with a fashion forward fringe area, this new style has it all!! With heat friendly premium synthetic fibers, it truly is the epitome of versatility! The natural side skin parting gives you a lovely natural look, and the stunning range of new tones really flatter and accentuate both you AND your hair.
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How to fuck hair under wig snatched
Step 1. Knit it

To achieve a seamless transition from hair to wigs, the first thing you have to do is braid your hair. By weaving your hair into four or more different parts, you can better hide long hair underneath. Braids help spread hair evenly, so there won’t be a whole bunch of hair behind snatched my wig. Because trust our girl, you will be able to see it!

Step 2. Packaging and fixing

After weaving your hair (be sure to dry your hair before doing this!), You can wrap your braid around your head. Make sure they are separated so that they don’t all come together in one place.

If you decide to use fewer than four braids, you can use two, lift them and let them meet over your head. And, if you want to make it quickly with a braid, wrap the back of the twist into a swirl.

Then all you have to do is secure the braid with a reliable old-style hairpin. If your hair is unusually thick, you may need a small amount. Use this method even if you are wearing wigs!

Step 3. Use the wigs cap

Nylon wigs cap
Next, you will be wearing a wig snatch cap. The wigs cap can be mesh, nylon, or cotton. To put on the hat, open it and pull it over your head, starting from the nape. Then, pull it up to the forehead. If necessary, you can secure the hat with two other hair clips!