Clearance Wigs Lace Front By Gabor

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  • Description
    • Gabor Monofilament Wigs
    • Gabor Luxury Collection
    • Fiber: Synthetic Hair
    • Cap Size: Petite/Average
    • Monofilament Crown!
    • Velvet-lined ear tabs, Velvet-lined nape, Ultra-thin adjusters at the nape
    • Hair Length:
      Front 2.75″
      Crown 4″
      Side 1.75″
      Back 2.75″
      Nape 1.75″
    • Weight: 2.25 oz

    Suitable Face Shapes:
    Oval, Square, Diamond, Heart, Oblong.

    Women who love a short easy-to-wear cut will find this geometric classic to be simply irresistible. Textured bangs and tapered lengths create a soft effect.

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ebonyline human hair clearance wigs lace front styles and colors at deeply discounted. Maybe you met us in many meetings, or you stumbled upon us on the Internet. But you are here, welcome! We are many fellow artists, makeup artists, writers, and freaks. If it sounds familiar, you will feel at home.

They are made of high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fibers. We use two kinds of threads. One is short hair and long hair for Paula young two tone Revlon wigs, the other is styleable and used to tie hair; the other is for smooth Look at here, and the other is smooth. Both fibers can be shaped using heating tools, such as straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers.

especially yours wig clearance heat resistant?

We have used regular hair styling tools to style them-straighteners, and curlers purchased from any old beauty store, or pharmacy are very useful, and you don’t need fancy money. The maximum temperature that the fiber of the wig can withstand is 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius), but below this temperature is safe and can be shaped. Start with a lower setting and then raise it until you find the most suitable setting. Also, please do not throw your wig into a bonfire, furnace, crater of doom, etc. They are heat resistant, not fire-resistant.

On the other hand, you don’t have to wash frequently, the more times you wash, the faster the rate of wear. When you need to wash, you can use an ordinary mild shampoo (no tears) or a monofilament wigs shampoo. Wash with warm water in the sink, then rinse. If available, place it on the rockstar wigs head to dry. If not, bundle some towels into the shape of the head and put the gray wigs on it. Do not brush or comb when wet. After drying, you can brush and style Raquel welch wigs clearance sale ashro.