Adelle | Red Monofilament Blonde Mid-Length Straight Brunette Wigs –


  • Description
    Product Type:Wig for Women
    Cap Design:Mono Top | Special Lining
    Hair Type:Remy Human Hair Wig
    Cap Size:Average
    Product Weight:6.5oz.
    Approximate Length:Front: 4.5” | Side: 14” | Nape: 8”
    Overall Length:18”
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    Blonde Wig, Brown Wig, Red Wig

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Wig Pro’s Adelle Special Lining features a long and soft face composition style with spread or fun bangs, a versatile and modern look, and silky smoothness. It provides a monofilament top that creates a natural hair growth look with human hair wigs splitting and allows you to separate hair in any direction.

special function:

Mono-Top: A fine nylon net in which individual feathers are manually tied to the net. Divide the hair in different directions and create the illusion of natural hair growth.
Special lining: The silk lining on the back of the machine provides extra comfort, especially for those with sensitive scalps.
Adjustable Velcro tabs: Allow users to adjust circumference for maximum fit and comfort lace front wigs.
100% Tangle-Free Super Remy Human Hair: With a full surface, including the skin, human hair can keep tangle free and maintain its original shine. Super Remy’s hair is consistently treated to maintain a soft, healthy and natural look but is not damaged.

Human hair allows you to style your wig with heating tools like your own hair.