Chasty Wig Karma Turban With Headband – Printed Headwear

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  • Description
    • Rene of Paris Headwear
    • Christine Collection
    • Material : 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex
    This popular model is a 2 piece set consisting of Karma Turban and the popular Chitta Headband. The Turban is a baggy model and can be styled with a drop shape look or made tight with a turn-up. The Chitta Headband can be styled on top of the turban to create your desired look with extra volume and pleat effect. The headband is a great accessory to a wig and can even be used on its own as a light turban, on those hot summer days, due to the fabric volume.

    ?? 2 piece set : Karma Turban and Headband
    ?? Easy to fit
    ?? Headband can be used with your own hair or a wig
    ?? Endless styling opportunities

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