George 5 Stars 2.0 | Brunette Short Gray Black Lace Front Wigs –


  • Description
    Product Type:Wig
    Product Weight:1.9oz
    Cap Size:Average
    Cap Construction:Monofilament Top | 100% Hand-Tied
    Hair Type:Synthetic
    Approximate Length:Bang 3.25″ | Crown 3.75″ | Sides 2.5” | Nape 2.25”
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    Brown Wig, Grey Wigs, White Wig

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George 5 Stars 2.0 Wig by Ellen Wille is a sporty classic style with the most advanced hat design. Ellen Wille’s high-quality synthetic fibers are 100% hand bonded throughout the inner structure. The product, which is placed by hand and carefully woven through the tulle, provides certain flexibility and creates a comfortable wearing experience. The seamless lace front design allows you to freely choose a shape away from your face and have a flawless hairline with confidence! The nape area is covered with hand-sewn polyurethane strips to ensure a secure fit while wearing Velcro straps are arranged at the bottom of the style to allow for resizing. The density is really light and mimics the look and feel of biological hair! This design requires little customization. George 5 Stars 2.0 is part of Ellen Wille’s HAIRforMANCE series. We recommend using BeautiMark style products to help protect and preserve your Ellen Wille style.

special function

100% hand-tied headband – individually hand-knotted to each base of the human hair wigs and naturally movable. The cap is soft and comfortable – ideal for sensitive scalps.
The almost invisible lace front skirt ready-to-wear reflects the curves of your head, can create a natural hairline and face contouring variety.
Monofilament blouse – A full monofilament blouse that is hand-knotted to create a natural look of hair growth where the lace front wigs are parted can provide a multifunctional parting.
Pre-engineered artificial hair designed to look and feel like natural hair.