Affordable Human Hair Wigs Anna V Tube Headwear

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  • Description
    • Rene of Paris Headwear
    • Christine Collection
    • Material : 47.5% Cotton 47.5% Viscose, 5% Spandex
    How is a tube ever going to work as a turban? Well, it can, and it will surprise you with its endless styling opportunities.
    Anna ? V Tube, made in soft cotton/viscose, is a fantastic solution if you want to create a unique and personal styling. It is so easy to put on and only your imaginations is the limit to the styling solutions. Wear it as a tight turban, tie a bit knot at the side or go crazy and create your own look.

    ?? Many styling possibilities
    ?? Smart and stylish headwear model
    ?? Comfortable cotton-viscose
    ?? Many colors to choose from

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